Fényeslitke HU

EAST-WEST GATE Intermodal Terminal

The terminal will be the gateway of the New Silk Road, offering a wide range of services and enabling traffic between east and west. The maximum capacity is going to be 1 million TEU/year, following the development of railway infrastructure. The storage area of the terminal has an independent crane track, on which 1 crane operates, which can later be expanded with additional cranes. The railway crane tracks are 850 m long. The terminal has 3 separate railway crane tracks with 45 Mt load capacity, which are also suitable for receiving 740 m long complete trains approved in Europe. The cranes will also be capable of handling 45” containers and cranable semi-trailers as well as non-craneable semi-trailers with special solution.

Construction time

2021 1st quarter to 2022 2nd quarter

Construction costs

30 billion HUF (81 million EURO)

Our tasks:

01. design review

02. project management & construction management (multi-contractor model)

03. cost and time control

04. technical supervision

Project data:

Worksite area: 85 ha

210.000 m2 basalt concrete roads and manipulating areas

 36.000 m railway according to European and Russian standard

 5.300 m crane railway

 3.500 m2 office building

 3.500 m2 office building

 3.000 m2 other industrial buildings

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