Pomáz HU

Industrial buildings

According to the Client’s requirement, 2 industrial buildings were established on a 11.500 m2 sized plot. The buildings were designed as usual industrial buildings, PC structure, sandwich panel façade, low sloping roof. In both buildings office areas were executed. The hall building with a low pitched gable roof design, its ridge line perpendicular to the street. A warehouse for rent in the new hall is planned to operate. For workers a social part was formed within the office wing, with dressing room and associated toilet and kitchenette. Passage between the hall, the social wing and the office wing a provided on the ground floor. On the ground floor of the office blocks there are the administrative part (lobby, meeting room, office), which can be accessed from the car parks from the main entrance on the NE façade. The upper part of the office block on the reinforced concrete stairs to be built in the ground floor foyer can be accessed through. Upstairs are typically offices and meeting rooms with the necessary water blocks.

Construction time

2021 2nd quarter to 2021 4th quarter

Construction costs

~1.500 million HUF (4 million EURO)

Our tasks:

01. design review

02. project management & construction management (multi-contractor model)

03. cost and time control

04. technical supervision

Project data:

1.050 m2 industrial building + 300 m2 office

3.100 m2 industrial building + 350 m2 office

3.300 m2 basalt concrete road

2.700 m2 public road

 3.900 m2 greenery

rack installation

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