Budapest downtown 5th district

4th Sörház Street, 3 Attic Apartments

The building, which originally was owned by the Dreher family, has an excellent location. It is very close to the river Danube, that’s why the basement was used as beer storage by the Dreher Beer Company at the late 19th, early 20th century. Nowadays the building is used as a residential building. Our client has a very personal connection to the building and the neighborhood, therefore He decided to accomplish His dream to build apartments in the roof attic. The building permit was provided by the Client, that was base from which we prepared the construction designs, and started the execution works. For when the construction will be completed, three bourgeois apartments will be provided to the Customers with a luxurious design.

Construction time

2021 3rd quarter to 2023 2nd quarter

Construction costs

~600 million HUF (1.7 million EURO)

Our tasks:

01. design review

02. project management & construction management (multi-contractor model)

03. cost and time control

04. technical supervision

Project data:

1.050 m2 industrial building + 300 m2 office

3.100 m2 industrial building + 350 m2 office

3.300 m2 basalt concrete road

2.700 m2 public road

 3.900 m2 greenery

rack installation

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Budapest downtown 5th district

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